About our Farm

Sunny Lane Farm is a family-owned farm located in SW Missouri where the western prairie meets the Ozark hills. Our sustainable and animal-friendly environment allows for rotational grazing of our 100% grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured poultry and pastured pork. Our chickens and pork are supplemented with a Non-GMO feed purchased from a local feed store. Our lamb and beef have access to free-range mineral, kelp, and fresh water and our farm practices are natural and organic. 

Our chickens arrive on the farm from a local hatchery within their first day, our pigs are purchased from a local farmer as 30-pound feeder pigs and we raise them on pasture until they reach processing age. Our sheep and cattle are born and raised on our farm and are 100% finished on grass. None of our animals ever receive routine antibiotics nor growth hormones and are never in a feed lot type environment. All our animals are handled with respect, using low stress methods and spend their days enjoying green grass pastures, fresh air, and sunshine. 

All our meat is processed at a local USDA-inspected facility and packaged as individual cuts, or by the whole, half, or quarter animal. In addition to our online Sunny Lane Farm GrazeCart website, we also sell from several local pick-up points, the Webb City Farmer’s Market, the Nevada Vernon County Farmer’s Market, and several area health food stores. You can also check us out on Facebook under “Sunny Lane Farm” to learn more about how we raise our animals and see more of our day to day farm life.